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  1. Study the word list here first
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Remember to write your favourite word of the week and your score in the comments👇


12 thoughts on “Welcome to Word List Quiz °1”

    1. Kerin English Teacher

      Hi Hassan,
      Remember that our lessons are for students who already have an upper intermediate or advanced level of English. So if you found it difficult, it doesn’t mean your English is bad! It just means the level is wrong for you. Keep trying and be patient💪
      ps. I highly recommend http://www.bbclearningenglish.com – there are lots of excellent resources there and for all different levels

    1. Kerin English Teacher

      Hi Moon! To make sure you receive our lessons, please make sure you add our email address to your contacts book. If you’re using Gmail, make sure to check promotions and updates or better, drag and drop our email into your inbox. You’ll get a quiz every month and weekly lessons!

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