Advanced Vocab Quiz °9

Advanced Vocabulary Wordlist no.9


This month I’ve prepared a word search for you! Once you’ve done that, select 3-4 words that you like and write a few sentences in the comments using the new words and I’ll let you know if you’ve used them correctly. 👇

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Remember to write  your favourite word of the week in the comments! …. 

And, if you’re game, write your score too! 👇


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12 thoughts on “Monthly Word List Quiz”

  1. Hello Karin! Thank you I love these quizzes. I am waiting for the next one 🙂
    SO far my favourite words are a cock-up hahaha and I like all the phrasal verbs, they are so useful for me,

    1. Kerin English Teacher

      Hi Remi! Yes, cock-up is a cheeky word! Am glad you like our quizzes. Keep learning! #loveEnglish #loveLearning

  2. Hello Karin,
    I was so delighted to pass this quiz, I found it very interesting for me to come across many new vocabularies.
    My favourite word was “Meticulous”. Looking forward for the next quiz, happy weekend .
    Thank you

    1. Kerin English Teacher

      Hi Loubna, How are you doing? Great to hear that you liked the quiz! Have a good weekend too. (ps, I agree – ‘meticulous’ is a fab word!)

  3. Hsu Myat Win Naing

    Hello Kerin,
    Thank you for this quiz. I will remember the words incredible and witty.I have desire to learn the next lessons

    1. Kerin English Teacher

      Hi there!
      You’re very welcome. Remember to check your inbox every Saturday to get our lessons and quizzes.
      Keep studying!
      ps. witty is a good one 😉

  4. Hello Kerin,
    I’ve just done quiz 6 and I found it “arduous” but useful. My favourite expression was : out for the count.

    1. Kerin English Teacher

      Great job Silvia. When you have some time, try the other quizzes too – you’ll be out for the count for sure after all the hard work!

  5. 21/20! The last question about remembering words and collocation is the more demanding and tricky for me! Cool and useful words. The favourite words: plummeted and utterly.

    1. Kerin English Teacher

      I utterly agree! My memory is awful – it’s as much our busy lives and getting older as it is trying to learn new foreign words! Well done for sticking with it.

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