Comp table

how much time you need

10 minutes a day

Chiara spends 10 minutes a day on the membership and she does it from work

1 hour a week

Sabrina does one hour a week 4 times a month from home

An afternoon

Valentina likes to spend whole afternoon on EDA and complete the monthly work in one go

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John Doe
Digital Academy EDAGroup ClassesOne to one lessons
FlexibleYesNopeSo-so (cancellation costs involved)
Location100%0%Depends, If you are lucky
Results driven100% Get results from lesson 1 promise.Can beShould be but…
Cost effectivenessBest in classCan beWell… nope. *by definition
Personalised contentYes, we do that! : ) Just ask us.Mhm, a bit difficult.Yes, in general.
Put in practiceYes, you betDependsDepends
CommunityYes, and more. Join the EDA clan!Yes, Sometimes