Road to Proficiency Course Details

Ready to move towards English Proficiency?

Road to proficiency course details

Road to Proficiency Advanced English Programme

Road to Proficiency is an alternative way to improve English, made for upper intermediate and advanced English speakers who want to move their English towards proficiency.

The on-demand programme contains 9 courses, with podcasts, audio, video, discussion forums on various topical issues, funny anecdotes and a teacher always available to help and give feedback. 

These are the main ingredients of the new digital course created by Kerin Goodall: 100% digital and 100% human!

You can access the material whenever it suits you. You don’t have to attend at scheduled times which means that wherever you are in the world the time difference is never an issue.

Launched in 2020, Road to Proficiency has helped students from countries all over the world.

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Upper intermediate, advanced, proficient (B2, C1, C2)

Advanced English Course Outcomes

The focus of this course is on developing a comprehensive vocabulary and improving your skills and fluency towards English proficiency. 

Furthermore, the fluency part will happen when you practise and activate what you are learning; when you write and when you complete the speaking tasks.

What you will achieve

Methodology & FAQs

Find out everything you need to know about our on-demand English courses with our frequently asked questions guide

  • Why English Digital Academy is different
  • Why is feedback so important?
  • What’s in the lessons?
  • What methodology do you use?
  • How do I practise?
  • What is the Activation Project?
  • Can I track my progress?
  • What are the course outcomes?
  • Which course should I take?
  • Other frequently asked questions

Personal feedback from your teacher

What our students love most about this course is the feeling of having a real teacher who cares about them! 

You will have input and feedback from Kerin throughout the course and you can ask her questions any time through the messaging system in the platform.

Explore the Road to Proficiency courses

9 Advanced English courses to choose from!

Course Requirements

The time you spend each course will vary, depending on your individual goals, pace, starting level and what’s going on in your life that month!

As a minimum, you are expected to dedicate 4 hours to the tasks in each course. This is sufficient if your goal is to maintain your level and cultivate your English knowledge.

For those of you who want to go up a level and work towards significant improvement, we suggest 6-12 hours per course (or per month if you join our monthly subscription)

Is Road to Proficiency the right course for you?

As much as I’d love to say “this course is everyone!” I can’t. It isn’t! 

It ISN’T for everyone. I designed it for people who really love English;  who are really willing to spend their free time on it and for people who genuinely want to experience a new approach to learning. 

This advanced English course gives you A LOT of flexibility: you can study when you want, where you want and how often you want. However,  it still requires you to COMMIT to learning.

Why am I trying to put you off*?!  (put you off means dissuade you!)

Quite simply, if you don’t meet the requirements, this course won’t work for you and you’ll be disappointed

I want my students to enjoy learning but that will only happen if you log in consistently and do the work!

Road to Proficiency is NOT for you if:

Which option is best for you?

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